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Chicken Recipes

There was never a happier marriage than the chicken with the crockpot. Chicken is one of the most versatile foods you can find. Cooking it in a crockpot makes it simple to create delicious meals that can range from the simple to the divine. It may be possible to cook a different chicken recipe every single night for a year using the crockpot without having any of them twice.

The crockpot keeps the chicken meat moist and tender. It is easy to make any recipe lower in fat in the crockpot by removing the chicken skin and any excess areas of fat you find. Since a crockpot uses moist heat, you do not need to worry about the meat drying out without that protective layer. For those that prefer to leave the skin on, try browning the pieces before placing them in the crockpot. It will make your finished dish look very appetizing.

Using a crockpot will let you make easy one-dish recipes, stews, soups, or entrees with very little fuss. Put all your ingredients in first thing in the morning, and when you get home you can enjoy a delicious meal waiting just for you.

Easy to Make Crockpot Chicken

You will find a great many easy ways to prepare chicken with the crockpot. You can make anything from chicken stroganoff to a roast chicken that falls off the bone. The sheer variety of recipes will astound you. If you like ethnic foods, you can try Chicken Parmesan or chicken tacos, all made in the crockpot.

Chicken soup recipes are also good choices for the crockpot. They are easy… just toss in your ingredients before you leave in the morning and you get to come home to a comforting bowl of soup! It is good on a cold night or when you are feeling under the weather. Serve it up with some fresh crusty bread for a complete meal.

Get Creative Crockpot Chicken Ideas

Just because you are using a crockpot does not mean you cannot get creative. Try something new like a chicken ratatouille, chicken teriyaki or make your own version of chicken potpie. For something filling, you cannot beat a good chicken stew. Use thighs for extra flavor and goodness. If you want your meals to be extra healthy, try chicken quinoa or a hearty chicken and lentil soup.

For the kids, you cannot beat brown sugar chicken in the crockpot. Made with brown sugar, vinegar, and seasonings, it offers a bit of tang with a nice sweetness your family will love. Simply adding chicken parts with a sauce or canned soup can make a great dish to serve over rice or noodles. Try different flavors to see what you like best. You can even jazz up your crockpot chicken with a jar of your favorite salsa and some canned vegetables.

Therefore, go pull out the crockpot and dust it off. Put in some chicken and a few delicious ingredients. Set it to cook all day while you are all about your various activities. When you come home, you and your family will find a meal all waiting for you to enjoy.

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